Policy Management

The policy management specialization examines the various roles and responsibilities policy practitioners exercise in the design and leadership of public organizations.  Students in this specialization will examine the roles and responsibilities of policy practitioners and their agencies in the design and implementation of public policies. Students are also exposed to theories of agenda setting policy design, policy implementation, and policy leadership. Students will also explore the complexities of managing policies and programs in interorganizational environments that may span multiple policy domains. 

Specialization Faculty

Specialization Coordinator: Dr. William Schreckhise

  • Andrew Dowdle CV, Ph.D. (Miami University), Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Najib Ghadbian, Ph.D. (CUNY), Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Joshua Mitchell CV, Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University), Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Janine Parry CV, Ph.D. (Washington State University), Professor, Political Science
  • Margaret Reid CV, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), Professor, Political Science
  • William Schreckhise CV, Ph.D. (Washington State University), Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Todd Shields CV, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), Dean, J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences
  • Geoboo Song CV, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), Assistant Professor, Political Science

Course of Study

Twelve credits of policy management specialization are required. The student's Doctoral Program Advisory Committee will aid the student in selecting appropriate courses.

Examples of electives that might be selected are listed below.  Note that some courses require prerequisites. Through a special arrangement with the law school, students may also take law school courses. 

  • Seminar in Human Resource Management (PLSC 5113)
  • Human Behavior in Complex Organizations (PLSC 5103)
  • Health Services Administration (HLSC 5633)
  • Management of Higher Education (HIED 6073)
  • Management of Service Organizations (PLSC 5133)
  • Grant Writing for the Social Sciences (PADM 5823)