Community Development and Recreation Policy

Community Development and Recreation Policy

Authority to enact and implement policies is increasingly influenced by the ability of various levels of governments to cooperate with one another and with non-governmental entities. Growth management exemplifies this concept with its emphasis on cross-jurisdictional collaboration, balancing economic development, social and cultural needs, and protection of ecologically sensitive areas. The given place-based environments require that we search for innovative approaches, suitable leadership approaches and understanding of power structures, social networks and economic decision making. The concentration will focus on equipping the students to develop an understanding of:

  • the challenges of developing policies in multi-jurisdictional settings and the resolution of associated conflicts
  • the needs of multiple, divergent constituencies and how to encourage participation of those constituents in policy making
  • the evolution of communities and their physical, social, economic and political properties
  • appropriate methodologies to analyze the intersection of divergent interests in shaping policy outcomes

The specialization also includes governmental, community, and agency recreation and sport organizations. This would include state and federal agencies or associations dealing with recreation, park and sport issues, large city recreation and sport agencies, and recreation and sport events as they affect public policy. The specialty course work would include an understanding of the city recreation and sport organizations, legal and political aspects, communication of these organizations to their constituents, and philosophy are among the courses that students would take.

Specialization Faculty

Specialization Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Reid

  • John Gaber CV, Ph.D. (Columbia University), Professor, Sociology
  • Valerie H. Hunt CV, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Associate Professor and Associate Director, Public Policy Ph.D. Program
  • Steve Langsner CV, Re.D. (Indiana University), Associate Professor, Recreation
  • Merry Moiseichik CV, Re.D. (Indiana University), Professor, Recreation
  • Margaret Reid CV, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), Professor and Department Chair, Political Science
  • William Schwab CV, Ph.D. (Ohio State University), Professor, Sociology

Course of Study (12 hours)

Specific courses will be selected in consultation between the student and the student's curriculum committee. Examples of appropriate courses are:

  • LAW 6403 Land Use Law
  • PADM 5823 Grantwriting for the Social Sciences
  • PADM 5833 Introduction to Urban Planning
  • PLSC 5173 Community Development (Irregular)
  • PUBP 6033 Community Development Policy and Practice  (Summer)
  • RECR 612V Reading in Recreation and Sport
  • RESM 5813 Principles of Recreation
  • RESM 5853 Strategic Organizational Design in Recreation and sport Management
  • SOCI 5133 The Community